Empath.io provides the critical context that bridges the gap between the audiences you care about most and the trends they are engaging with today.

Powered by AI and EQ, our proprietary platform not only helps you make better decisions, it will make you a better decision maker in moments that matter.

Empathy for your key audiences requires context.

What they are interested in now. How it feels to be them today. When to play a meaningful role in their lives.

We've built a technology platform at the intersection of AI and EQ, which combines the best of machine learning and natural language processing with the power of human intelligence to unearth new insights and their contextual relevance to your key audiences.

The Empath.io Process

Deliver trends and insights coupled with audience and brand intelligence to better connect with market needs.

Understand the brand's unique strengths and weaknesses across a range of empathic skills.

Provide diverse, germane context tied to discrete client needs to inform decision making.

Generate actionable insights and strategic recommendations at the intersection of AI and EQ.

Empath.io makes insight actionable, empowering your brand in 4 key ways.

uncover contextual insights

An AI coupled with EQ detects and correlates trends and audience data.

expand the brand’s perspective

Broader, lateral thinking recommendations expand a brand’s reach, capabilities, and impact.

reach audiences with empathy

Empathic measurement allows you to understand your brand and your audiences more deeply.

optimize creative decision making

Audience insights reveal how initiatives are received, so you can adapt and respond meaningfully.

AI+EQ, all in one place.

We have designed empath.io to blend the best of both machine and human intelligence (AI + EQ) into a 6-month intensive with 3 parts.

Empathic Onboarding Onboarding Interview & Brand Surveys We start by immersing in your brand, team, and audience(s) through a series of discovery sessions with your team and audiences.
SCORING & INSIGHTS Brand Empathy Benchmark & Insights Report A report on your brand’s current empathic strengths and audience perception identifies opportunity areas and insight directives.
WORKSHOP & MEASUREMENT Collaborative Work Sessions & Ongoing Growth A series of actions designed to help your team identify specific near-term strategies to improve engagement with key audiences and measure success.

Empath.io delivers value to you and your business in 4 critical areas.

Context-based Insights

Rich insights that bridge the gap between your key audiences and the trends they care about in order to drive smarter, real-time marketing decisions.

Cost Reduction

The combination of AI and EQ provides a scalable, effective solution that doesn’t rely on extensive internal resources or specific expertise development.

Capability Growth

Through ongoing collaboration, our tools help identify and improve skills gaps in your marketing team, helping them expand their empathic versatility.

Consumer Engagement

We amplify your brand’s impact and consumer engagement with intelligence that isn’t just deeper or broader, but more sophisticated.

Partnership begins with context.

To begin to build our partnership, we’d like to discuss your specific needs and understand how empath.io can help bring greater context to your marketing and communications efforts.

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