Disrupting the traditional sponsorship model

Delta believes in helping passengers get to their next destination. This is true practically, but also metaphorically. With a deep desire to partner with powerful thought leaders, business people, and innovators, Delta is committed to being the go-to airline for people building our future.

Our conversations with Delta began by focusing on their sponsorship of the TED Conference. Tired of the standard pop-up activations that they’d done in years past, Delta was looking for a new and disruptive way to engage at the conference and beyond.

Delta at TED

Working in partnership with both Delta and TED teams, we were able to curate an immersive embedded TED experience, Destination Tomorrow. The experience consisted of a three-day activation in Vancouver designed to bring some of TED’s most progressive minds together for deep conversation centered on key themes meaningful to Delta and the attendees.

“I thought it was so refreshing to see all groups working together, discussing ideas and not holding back. I also noticed that people were not worried about levels or who may be more senior or junior. It felt so collaborative. I would LOVE to attend another one!”

delta employee

Unexpected Pairings

Destination Tomorrow hosted 30 influencers for conversation. Like on an airline, you rarely have the ability to choose your seatmate. Inspired by the serendipity that can occur in those moments, we designed a video booth built for two – pairing unlikely combinations of TED attendees together for a rapid fire conversation about a shared topic of interest (e.g. mobility).

Sharing the Message

Working with TED and Delta’s media agency, we created a content series that was delivered through TED.com, Delta’s owned and operated channels, and in a custom-created in-flight content channel on all Delta flights.

TED Goes To Delta

As a result of the content’s powerful impact, Delta extended the program, adding a twist that we believed would bring a sense of empowerment and adoption of Destination Tomorrow’s serendipity and intrigue.

Organized around inspiring empathy for the various roles everyone at Delta play in order to get people to their destinations, today and tomorrow, we produced and hosted a one-day summit for high-potential employees at Delta’s aviation museum at their global headquarters.

Joined by speakers from Delta’s organization, as well as TED’s fellowship program and original Applied Empathy programming from Sub Rosa, Delta team members got an opportunity to expand their thinking and connect on a deep and meaningful level with their colleagues – setting forth a mission for the company both internally and externally, bringing today into tomorrow.

“I love that we are bringing topics and concepts like empathy into our corporate conversations – and applaud this team for driving such an innovative concept forward.”

Delta employee
10,000 impressions on internal channels
2,000 livestream views
150+ diverse attendees