Unifying an Iconic Portfolio of Properties

A real-estate and hospitality operating company, Journal, on the heels of several iconic property acquisitions, asked us to help create their master brand.

Inspired by the spirit of adventure and wonder that comes from travel, we set out to discover their story.

Hospitality is only a facet of what Journal promises

Beginning in the 90s, the hotel group built a portfolio of iconic properties including The Hollywood Roosevelt, Two Bunch Palms, Hotel G, and the Mondrian Park Avenue. While the portfolio was impressive, the business was lacking a masterbrand strategy that could unite all of the disparate properties under one philosophical and visual system.

Driven to tell compelling stories and enable unforgettable experiences, our partnership was led by collaborating as fellow creatives with the goal to create a brand identity that could live independently as well as in concert with other properties.

Life is not about things, it’s about experiences

For the travel lover, it’s not souvenirs that make a trip memorable – it’s the experiences. This essential truth became the cornerstone of the creation of the new master brand – Journal Hotels – and the overarching insight that drove the creation of a new brand system.

Stay Storied

True to the real-life guest and staff experience at Journal properties, we defined Journal’s brand promise as: Stay Storied. This phrase invites curiosity and highlights the tales collected through life experience, conveying intangible qualities that a stay at Journal properties inspires.

Timeless classic with modern nuance

Inspired by the brand promise to Stay Storied, Journal’s visual identity system elegantly juxtaposes classic with avant-garde, creating a chic and intentional system. Slight adjustments made to classic typography underscore a timeless identity that stands alone and works with existing property branding harmoniously.


Setting up future success

This established a clear set of brand guidelines as well as key design assets that have helped Journal Hotels continue to expand their business while keeping a cohesive and unified brand story. Emboldened by their commitment to help audacious travelers Stay Storied along with a strong visual and verbal brand identity, Journal is well-poised for continued growth into new markets and properties.