Elevating Meal to Memory

How do you unite a diverse family of best-in-class hospitality properties under a single, ownable north star and design a website that lets each and every location shine?

It starts over dinner. Several dinners, actually, during which the Sub Rosa team had the chance to experience the magic of STARR Restaurants and learn more about founder Stephen Starr’s vision for his ever-expanding hospitality empire.

The result was a redesign and build of the existing STARR website and 38 of its unique restaurant sub-brands, creating a more engaging, easy-to-use, responsive digital experience that reflects STARR’s commitment to elevated design and sophisticated showmanship.

Showmanship and Spectacle

Sub Rosa worked in partnership with STARR Restaurant’s digital and marketing leads, restaurants, and Stephen Starr himself to execute this project. We began by immersing ourselves in the company and its properties, interviewing key stakeholders, and visiting restaurants in several markets. The insights gathered during the research phase ultimately informed the creation of a brand code that translates the unrivaled drama and spectacle inherent in all STARR properties into a unique mission, vision, values, and tone of voice. 

The hospitality in restaurants extended to the digital world

With a strong strategic foundation in place, we moved into the user experience phase, consisting of competitive research, a content audit of all of STARR’s assets, and a technological audit. This work empowered us to determine which functionalities and design elements to prioritize as we designed and built the ecosystem of websites. The seamless web experience mirrored the exemplary hospitality in each of STARR’s restaurants.

Tour all of the restaurants from your screen

In the design phase we began with the master brand site, creating a keystone to support the sub-brands and bring the brand code and visual identity to life. We wanted the parent site to serve as a responsive vessel dynamically showcasing the best features from every restaurant. Of equal importance was creating a navigation system for browsing the restaurants that was responsive on all screens and could display the 38 restaurants organized by the 6 cities. To solve for this we utilized an interactive Google map on the group dining page to show all STARR restaurants within a city. Lastly, we included OpenTable plugins for each restaurant, enabling customers to make reservations directly on the masterbrand site and removing the step of navigating to sub-brand sites to make reservations when browsing from the masterbrand site.

Accommodating Thirty-Eight Diverse Restaurants into a Streamlined Design

Following the design of the masterbrand site, we created a templated system that would give the 38 sub-brand sites a cohesive look and feel, while also allowing each of them to have a unique identity. We pulled the most outstanding photography from each restaurant to highlight their ambiance and standout menu items. The templated system has lasting impact as it allows for consistency, longevity, and efficiency in web development as new restaurants are acquired.