When one of the world’s most iconic athletes contacts you to have a strategic conversation about the future of his career, you can’t help but get excited. This was how we felt when we got a call from Tiger Wood’s family office, asking us how we might help the greatest golfer in history discover his next chapter.

Creating a House of Brands

Sub Rosa worked in partnership with Tiger’s family office, business unit leads, sponsors, philanthropic leadership, and the man himself, to create a brand strategy, naming, identity system, and launch plan for his new parent company. The work included the creation of brand identities for all existing ventures, such as the Tiger Woods Foundation, a golf course design business, a live events production business, and The Woods restaurant brand.

Visualizing Greatness

As we began to understand what it was that has helped Tiger to be so successful, we developed three strategic pillars that represent his philosophy. They stood for mindset, method, and mastery. This is the arc that Tiger Woods takes with any project to ensure success. He establishes the mindset he needs, develops a method to concretize the mindset, and a goal to pursue on the path towards mastery. This is what makes him an iconic athlete and businessman.

TGR – A Brand and a Man

Tiger and his team encouraged us to keep the branding simple, refined, and clean. They wanted a memorable mark that could live on its own, and say “Tiger” without literally being a tiger. Inspired by this direction and the three pillars we had defined in conversation with Tiger and his team, we created a mark that depicted elements of the man without being too overt.

The three triangles represent the three strategic pillars of his brand. In the negative space between the triangles, a gestalt effect creates a “W.” When paired with TGR, the brand signals “Tiger” and “Woods” without being heavy handed. Additionally, the three triangles, when filled with the primary brand color for printed materials – copper foil – evoke the color and an abstract swipe of a tiger’s paw.

“I’ve spent nearly two years developing TGR with my team. And this is what we are about: the pursuit of excellence beyond all limits. I approach everything I do with a mindset to be the absolute best… And I’m always striving for the kind of mastery that naturally results from focus and a willingness to keep learning.”


Driving toward alignment

One of the key elements of this assignment was to bring Tiger Woods into all facets of his business – engaging his 100+ employees and announcing the path toward their new future. In the service of doing so, we designed and lead key internal and external communications, content planning, and activations to introduce and activate the new brand identity, which was privately revealed in a company-wide summit and subsequently debuted at a 20th anniversary gala for the Tiger Woods Foundation at the New York Public Library co-hosted by Nike’s Phil Knight and Charlie Rose.

Uniting TGR Online

To accompany the brand launch, we designed and developed 6 connected enterprise websites for TGR that covered communications for his various businesses, charity, and personal golf website. These sites, coupled with a revived social media and communications strategy, has helped to catapult Tiger’s return to golf and elevate his vision for his next chapter.